Murphy's Manor & Gay Comics
by Kurt Erichsen

Can you believe I've gotten 14+ years' cartoon material out of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"? May it soon be a relic of the past.

Most of my professional cartooning has been for the Gay Press. It includes a stack of stories and illustrations for Gay Comix, for Meatmen, Instinct Magazine, and Fairy Flicks. On this page you can view or download several collections of Murphy's Manor cartoons.Also: my single panel GLiB Talk cartoons. All these files are in PDF format, requring Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free and is well worth the price.

Murphy's Manor: A Year of Cartoons at a time
GLiB Talk
Murphy's Manor: The Human Rights Ordinance
Murphy's Manor: The Church of Spiritual Machismo
Murphy's Manor: Wedding Bells
Murphy's Manor: Garbage Can Movies
Murphy's Manor: Jerry Falwell Thaxton
Murphy's Manor: St. Bruce the Pitiable
Honeymoon from Gay Comics -- uncensored!